Alice Blue is the leading zero brokerage stock broker in India. Alice Blue was founded with the intention to serve people trading in the Indian Stock,forex,equity and commodity markets.
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Zero brokerage forex trading

Forex trading is the process of buying and selling currencies with an aim of earning profit. 

Each currency has a specific value in relation to another currency. The act of buying and selling different currencies in order to earn profit is known as Forex trading. This process is also referred to as Foreign Exchange or Currency trading. 

Due to the large earning potential it provides, People trade in currency markets. The value of different currencies keeps changing constantly, which provides investors an opportunity to predict future movements and buys/sells currency on the favourable direction. 

Unlike stocks, currencies are not traded on regulated exchanges. The market is not controlled by any governing body. The trade is essentially carried out on the basis of credit agreements between parties. In order to start trading in currencies, investors will have to select a broker that offers benefits that suit your requirements. Alice Blue is a leading zero brokerage firm, which provides low initial deposit, wide range of leverage options and great customer service. 

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