Alice Blue is the leading zero brokerage stock broker in India. Alice Blue was founded with the intention to serve people trading in the Indian Stock,forex,equity and commodity markets.
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Zero brokerage depository trading

Demat account is a safe and convenient means of holding stocks just like a bank account is for funds. Today, practically 99.9% settlement (of shares) takes place through demat mode. Shares are held electronically in a Demat Account, thereby eliminating the need for physical paper certificates. 

Alice Blue is now a proud authorized member of Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). For a fully transparent, fast and reliable transaction, open demat account with Alice Blue. 

In order to invest or trade in Indian share market, it is important to open a demat and trading account with a reliable stockbroker, and only stockbrokers have the authority to open such an account for investors. 

Apart from this service, stockbrokers provide many other optional services that might be useful for investors. Beginners often find it difficult to understand how the stock market works, and how to pick winning stocks. The terminologies, the rules and regulations, market trends, etc. seems a bit alien to new investors. 

Alice Blue is a Zero brokerage stock broker, which have the requisite knowledge and can explain the fundamentals of the market, the tips and tricks to participate in the trade, and help you invest according to your financial goals. 

With Alice Blue, you can open demat account and trading account at ease. You could trade unlimited in India share market, with a world-class online trading platform online. 

Reap your profit by investing in Share market, with Zero brokerage. 

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