Founder's Note:-

"2020 was a remarkable year for Aliceblue. All of us have had a great and safe time throughout our trading Journey."
Few Achievements we have made are now,
  • Enlighten the vision achiever in a very short span of Time which remains us “To be in the Top 10 customer-preferred Financial enabler in India and Number “ONE” in South India by 2020
  • 2020-21 –Shown Progress of 55% Growth in terms of UCC accounts when compared to 2019-20.
  • In terms of the Partner growth 166% increase in Growth when we compare with last year 2019-20.

Trade Store

Products Launched

Transformation of Technology Driven Organisation

Transformation as per exchange guidelines

Service Driven Organisation

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Tradestore value-added Products

  1. Tradestore User Base has increased to 120% periodically with respect to ratings and reviews.
  2. Nearly 25000 clients are engaged in Promotional activities on a daily basis.
  3. Tradestore Products increased from 15 to 30.

Products we launched on 2020

  1. Tradeschool app
  2. Tradestore Referral Version app update
  3. Mutual Fund app
  4. Gpay LIVE in Aliceblue BOT system
  5. Whatsapp report for client engagement
  6. Tradelink

Transformation of Technology Driven Organisation:

  • ANT platforms multiple versions are released in the year of 2020 to 2021 to enhance the performance and features & bug fixes.
  • Automated mobile & Email modifications via BOT.
  • Whatsapp Chat for clients, daily billing reports & Margin.
  • ANT : Average price implemented for all segments (in platforms & API)
  • ANT : Chart based buy & Sell with chart IQ & Trading view
  • Implemented E-DIS for NON POA Clients
  • Buy back , OFS , Take over shares through BOT
  • BSE FNO Segment LIVE
  • Increased scalability of the application to handle 2 lakhs + clients has concurrent users.
  • Plug & play method funds page created
  • Automation in Backoffice billing
  • TBT feeds enabled & 20 depth market data available in our trading platforms.
  • Provided additional cashback offers for clients (2 sided referral).
  • API 2.0 version updated for third party vendors(30) & clients more than (6000) users are using on a daily basis.

Transformation as per exchange guidelines

  1. Implementation of Pledge and re pledge option for entire clients of alice blue:
  2. Implementation of Peak margin as per SEBI guidelines.
  3. Enabled MF activation for the AB clients.
  4. New EKYC portal implemented for a smooth client on boarding (TAT- 30 minutes after document verification)
  5. E-DIS activation

Service Driven Organisation:

  1. Introduced separate queue for payin related queries; a/c activation & Partner activation.
  2. Introduced FAQ section in website for clients’ self help option and ease for clients to raise a ticket.