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Bearish Engulfing

Bearish Engulfing

This pattern is characterized by a large black body attached to a preceding small white body, which appears during an uptrend. This is an important top reversal signal. The black body does not...

Bearish Matching High

Bearish Matching high

This pattern occurs when two white days appear with equal closure in an uptrend. This indicates that one has reached the top, even though the new high was tested and no adherence was done through...

Turtle Channel

Turtle Channel

The Turtle Channel is an indicator similar to a Donchian Channel, except that it uses different durations for the highest high band and lowest low band. The upper bands and the lower band...

Parabolic Sar

Parabolic SAR

Parabolic SAR Indicator is a trend indicator, which tells to traders about the price curve and trend direction alongside the reverse direction. It is easy to understand the concept of using it...

Convergence / Divergence


Moving Average Convergence /Divergence is base moving average. It calculates & displays the difference between the two moving averages at any time. As the market progress, moving average...

Bullish one white Soldier

Bullish One White Soldier

This pattern is visible in a downtrend and has a black candlestick and a white candlestick in which the white candlestick opens near the preceding day and closes over its open. The pattern looks...

Bearish Harami

Bearish Harami

In this pattern, there is a white body and a small black body that is completely inside the body of the white body. The white candlestick is “mother” and the small candlestick is...

Bullish Harami

Bullish Harami

In this pattern, there is a black body and a small white body that is completely inside the black body boundary. If a pattern is prepared for the pattern, then it looks like a pregnant woman....

Bullish Matching Low

Bullish Matching Low

This pattern occurs when two black days appear with the same equal close in a downtrend. Match indicates that a bottom has been built, even if the new law was tested and there was no adherence...

Bullish Three stars in the south

Bullish 3 stars in the South

These are the three continuous black candlesticks in this pattern, which are gradually spoiled and also gradually get damaged. The first candlestick should be a normal or long black candlestick...

Bullish kicking

Bullish Kicking

Pattern includes the first black Marubozu, then a white Marubozu. After the black marubozu, the market opens up from the opening of the pre-session. Thereby making a difference between the two...

Aroon indicator

Aroon Indicator

The Aroon indicator developed by Tushar Kende indicates whether the price is in trending or in a trading range. It can also introduce a new trend, reveal its strength, and can help in estimated...

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