ADXR summary

The average Directional Movement Index Rating (ADXR) is a smoother version of ADX. ADX indicator and is used as a rating of the Directional Movement while smoothing out ADX values.

If ADXR is compared to ADX, then smoother ADXR does not rely much on the short-term market turn and reversal. Which, in the long run, relies on ADXR, allowing trading risks to be reduced.

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How to trade with ADXR

  • When ADXR is above 25 – a trend-use the following system.
  • When ADXR goes below 20 – Trend – Avoid using the following systems, instead use the pendulum-based system for a quiet, non-trending or range-bound market.
  • A rising ADXR with DI + above D indicates a strong bull market.
  • A growing ADXR with DI-above DI + indicates a strong recession market.
  • A cross of ADXR and ADX lines can also be used to evaluate market changes.

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