Positional Trading – Pros and Cons

A position trader who holds a position, usually stock, for a long period; From week to month, and even for years. position trader can use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to make trading decisions, and often perform a more thorough evaluation of companies behind the shares.

The positional trading followers of the trend, according to the trader definition. Their main belief is that once a trend starts, it is likely to continue. Buy only long-term investors, who are classified as passive investors, positions hold their positions for a longer period than traders.


  • Position traders use a combination of basic and technical analysis to understand the value of both the company and the company.
  • Position trades are kept longer than other trades, and in the best position, investments and hold investments are created.


  • Less stress
  • Immune to market fluctuations in short time
  • No early exit of trades
  • Trend Capitalization
  • Mitigate “Noise”
  • Limited Maintenance


  • Maximum Capital Requirements
  • Account Liquidity
  • Lack Of Compounding


As everything appears in the financial sector, the situation of business strategy comes with fluctuation. Many people find the possibility of gaining huge sums through catching a catchy trend, while others are exposed to the possibility of macroeconomic collapse.
How to add markets, it is decided within the individual. While position trading is a great fit for some, this may be a hindrance to others. The responsibility of choosing an optimal trading method is with each interested trader or investor. If appropriate time, capital and personality exist, then a strategy of status business can be ideal.
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