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CC/EXT/110- Restrictions on BTST stocks

This is to inform you that we have made Restrictions on BTST stocks selling but clients are able to see the T1(BTST) stocks.

To know the valuation of the client's portfolio.
This will include the below scenarios:

1. If Client has SBIN shares in both BTST of 50 shares & Holdings(MTF and/ or POA) of 100 shares, client can see all those 150 no. of shares. But, clients can sell only 100 shares and stocks under BTST will be completely restricted from selling.
2. If a client has SBIN shares under BTST, those shares cannot be able to sell until settlement.

You have 200 ITC shares in your Holding (Purchased 6 months back). Today you purchase additional 50 shares.
So in your trading platform 200 shares reflect in holdings and 50 shares reflects in T1 holdings.
Currently only 200 shares of holding can be sold. The 50 shares in T+1 holdings can be sold only after 2 working days.
That is shares purchases on Monday can be sold on Thursday.

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