"We feel very happy to introduce smallcase on this occasion."

Simple, quick and delightful investing for you!!
Aliceblue introduces SmallCase - A ready made portfolio based investing for Equity cash segment .

This helps you build a diversified, low-cost & long-term portfolio.

Smallcases defined for?

First Time Investors
Don’t pick stocks you don’t understand. Invest in readymade portfolios.

Mutual Fund Investors
Enjoy more flexibility & control over your investments at lower fees.

Seasoned Investors
Take portfolio exposure to trending ideas or create & manage your own portfolios with smallcases

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1.Diversify & lower your risks

2. Zero management fees.

3. Invest without lock-in & earn dividends directly in your bank account

4. Buy or sell multiple stocks in 1 click

5. Track smallcases anytime, anywhere