CC/EXT/031- Franchisee Referral Through Digilink


We would like to inform that Franchisee Can Refer another Franchisee through his Digilink Login. The Process is simple and it is updated in Respective Franchisee login.
As already intimated to you all, Franchisee updated Sharing benefits is mention below. Request all Branches to inform the same to your respective Franchisee.



1) If an Existing partner Introduced New Business partner, the sharing ratio will be 10% from the company's Net Income,
If "A" is referring "B". B has generated Business of Rs. 50,000. So the sharing Ratio for A will be 10% from Company's net income.
A---> B
B --- Generated Rs. 50,000 to company
2) Company's net income 10% -- 5000
3) A will be receiving 10% as Additional sharing


This amount will be added in Monthly payout

Note - This sharing is only for Traditional business ,
Not applicable for F20 (IBT 10) product clients