CC/EXT/046- Sub Broker Policy


We would like to inform that "We have defined the Policy for Sub broker Client Mapping which is effective from July 2019 onwards"..


To maintain transparency between AP client Mapping and Direct Leads.
What is AP Client Mapping?
AP client Mapping is the mapping of the client that happened under the AP Digilink URL.
What is Direct Lead Mapping?
Direct Leads are the leads generated through Website, EKYC, SMS, Facebook, etc.
Steps/Process to be followed by AP:
Step 1: Leads/ Clients whoever referred by AP, Should be registered under AP Code Digilink URL.
Step 2: Enter the name, Mobile number, Email id of leads under your digilink URL.
Step 3: Track/ View the Leads entered by you in Digileads.
What will happen if this Process is not Followed?
If the entries are not reflected in the respective Digilink AP URL, and if it has come from Website/SMS/ GL Code, The Revenue Sharing for the respective AP will not be considered. The Remisier Payout will not happen for that month.