CC/EXT/049- Franchiese Incentive Policy


We feel happy and proud enough to inform you that " We have planned to provide incentives for our beloved Franchisees effective from July Month onwards".
Our Epic motto is "Growth is inevitable" - We are growing because you make us grow Big.
We strongly believe that "Success seems to be connected with action and hard work. Successful people keep moving by breaking it".

In order to attain more success in terms of Business, we have come up with limited derived Targets which make you to grow little along with us. The Policy defined here is Simple and easy to Track.

The Policy Defined is as follows:
UCC Account opening Criteria:
1) Every Franchiese should attain the target showing the progress of 15% growth of previous month.
2) Eligible criteria is to attain "Minimum 5 UCC (Unique Client Code) account should be provided by every Franchisee".
3) Rs.100 per UCC will be provided to franchise on attaining minimum 5 client account.

Example: Number of Account Attained by Franchisee : 10
15% Target Set for showing incremental Growth : 12
If the Franchiese attained Target of 12 UCC account then , 12*100 = Rs.1200 will be Rewarded.

Trading Incentive Criteria :
1) 80% of UCC account opened should start trading, if it happens respective Franchiese will be eligible for Trading Incentive.
2) Trading Incentive as Rs. 100 Per Traded Account.

Franciese UCC Account Target attained for June Month : 12
80% of UCC account : 10
Started Trading UCC Account : 10 *100 = Rs. 1000 will be Rewarded

Subbroker Payment:
1) Account opened will be calculated form 01 -31st of every month, UCC traded Accounts 80% will be calculated till 15th of Next month.
Ex: July month account opened means, will have due date Traded time till Aug 15th can be taken into consideration.
2) This will be reflected on every month 25th Dated will be credited in Subbroker Ledger.

Request all Branch managers/Franchise Managers to inform about the Policy to your beloved Franchiese.