CC/EXT/050- BOT Web application is on Live


We are happy to inform you all that "Our BOT web application is Live and ready for usage"


How to Login BOT Web Application?
Step 1: Login ANT web with your Client code and Password
Step 2: Click here for URL
Step 3: Once Login, it will exist for 24 hrs. You Do not need to login again.

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Benefits & Features:
1) Exposure request - Option & Future
Clients can give Option Exposure Request on Expiry Day & Future Exposure Request
2) Digi Referrals - My Referrals
Here, Clients can able to view the Refered leads and Payments can be updated there.
3) Profile
Client can update their Bank details, Mobile number - Modification can also be done on their own.
4) Daywise Posistion, Holdings, Ledger Details
All the above details can be seen on this login
5) Alice Express
Live Market update, Recent News can be captured here!
6) Market Talk
Aliceblue Market talk can be viewed here about Morning talk, Weekly talk, Blog News, Strategies Etc
All modification will be taken into consideration and rectify within 24 hours through BOT web Application.
Please be informed to your Clients and Partners about the usage of this App.