CC/EXT/054- Aliceblue Youtuber Incentive Policy


It is our glad to inform you all that . Please go through the Policy and conditions below. "We are introducing the Incentive Policy for Franchiese Youtubers" .

Who is Franchiese Youtuber?
- He/ She should be a Franchiese of Aliceblue
- He/She having an youtube channel with decent subscribers.

How incentive Policy works for Franchiese Youtubers?
- Aliceblue Franchiese youtubers must post Video about Aliceblue Trading Products/ Platforms.
- Those video which attain minimum 1000 views will be eligible for Incentive Policy.

Validity Period of Video: 3 Months
(Ex: If a youtuber receive 1000 views after 3 months completion of posted date, he will not be eligible for Incentive policy)

What is the incentive amount given for Franchiese Youtubers?
- Every video which reaches 1000 views will receive Rs. 1000 additional as incentive amount.

Franchiese "A" having Youtube Channel XYZ having 500 subscribers.
He has posted 10 videos in the first month.
In that 5 videos crossed 1000 views - 5 *1000 ---> 5000 Views ----> Rs. 5000 Extra as incentive Amount
After one month, Remaining 5 videos reaches 1000 views 5 *1000 ---> 5000 Views ----> Rs. 5000

Total Amount = Rs. 10,000(10 videos *1000 Views)

Youtube Video criteria:
1) Title / Content of Youtube Video
- should be Aliceblue Products such as Trade Store - Sensibull, Smallcase, Advisory mandi
- Benefits, Brokerage Plans, Exposures, Strategies
- Description content should be mentioning your Digilink URL as well as about Aliceblue
2) Video Timings:
- Must be around Minimum 3-4 minutes/Maximum 10 minutes Video should be uploaded
3) Images:
- Images can be shown in thumbnails mentioning Aliceblue Logo Download click here

Don't DO:
Any wrong Commitments or fake profiles / news/ Information about Aliceblue should not be given in the video.

Incentive Payment Policy:
1) Payment cycle is from 1st to 31st of every month dated.
2) If a particular video has reached 1000 views in the initial 15 days, the incentive payment will be happened in the same remisier payout.
3) If a particular video has reached 1000 views after 15th dated month, the incentive payment will be happened in the next remisier Payout.