CC/EXT/059- Crude oil limit on Inventory day - Important


We would like to inform that it is suggested that "Kindly use Cover order or MIS order for Crude Oil during Inventory Day (Wednesday)"

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When a BO order executes it creates 2 leg orders viz., Target order and Stop Loss order. In normal case, Leg 1 executes in either Target/ Stop order, Opposite order will get canceled automatically. This happening perfectly in normal days


Let's take this scenario in Inventory day, Target / Stop loss order both will execute or both will get canceled automatically due to heavy volatile and fluctuation / to avoid unwanted loss Cover Order/MIS order can be used as a precautionary condition.
To resolve this discrepancy and To get more exposures, it is advisable to make use of Cover order for crude oil on inventory day.

Note: Every Wednesday Bracket order for Crudeoil will not be available. Kindly use Cover order / MIS order.