CC/EXT/062- Whatsapp Alerts in Sensibull


"Whatsapp Alert Feature in SENSIBULL"

We are happy to inform that "The long-awaited Whatsapp alerts feature is now available on Sensibull".

Now, you can keep a track of the stocks, indices, futures, options, etc. through Whatsapp. You just need to select a derivative you want to track, a description and a price; you get a notification when the price is triggered. When did tracking the markets become this easy?

Set up to 50 alerts a day from our free watchlists. And did we mention that we have 10 free watchlists with real-time prices?

How can you join? All you need to do is enter your Whatsapp number, verify it with a link we send and you are all set - that simple. Very soon, we will launch Profit and Loss alerts. Try it now. It is free for 14 days.