CC/EXT/063- Importance about MTF Declaration


This is with reference to the SEBI circular CIR/HO/MIRSD/DOP/CIR/P/2019/75 dated 20JUN2019, Regarding the handling of client`s securities by Trading Members / Clearing members. This is to inform you that, with effect from 26.09.2019, If there is an overdue debit balance in client’s trading account for more than T+5days from the date of purchase, the securities shall be squared off by RMS team without any pre-confirmation from the client. No further extension will be provided thereafter.
Hence, you are advised to clear the debit balance in your trading account within stipulated time T+5.


STEP to Follow:

Step 1: Register MTF in BOT by login for Click here..
Step 2: Now you can operate the MTF through BOT
Step 3: Click "Accept" by reading all conditions.


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Register MTF

In case of any query, Please contact your designated Branches for the same.