CC/EXT/064- Franchise Incentive Policy updated_02.10.2019


We would like to inform that " We have slightly changed the Target metric for Franchiese Incentive policy" effective from October Month onwards". In order to attain more success in terms of Business, we have come up with limited derived Targets which make you to grow little along with us.

The Policy defined here is Simple and easy to Track.
UCC Account opening Criteria:
1) We will be providing you the Quarterly target
2) Every Franchiese should attain the target showing the progress of incremental growth.
3) New Enrolled franchiese will have to attain "Minimum 5 UCC (Unique Client Code) account".
4) Rs.100 per UCC will be provided to franchise on attaining above the target defined.

How the Target Metric Defined UCC accounts?
We will be considering the Average of Last Quarter in UCC accounts, according to that the Target will be calculated.

Example: If a XXX Franchiese has given 30 accounts in 3 months together, The calculation is below 30 accounts for 3 months
Average : 30/3 = 10
XXX Franchiese Target for upcoming month is 10 UCC account in any one segment MCX/NSE.
If he attains more than defined target UCC accounts means Rs.100 per UCC will be provided to franchise.

Account Opening Target :

Total Account Opened :

The Incentive Amount is :

1) What in case for New Franchiese? How this policy will going to apply?
Ans: New Franchiese or Inactive franchiese those who didnt do business for last quarter means, minimum 5 accounts is the target for them.
2) My franchiese is active or newly created last two month back, How will you calculate the target?
Ans: We will take average in months of franchiese presence.
2 Months old franchiese = 10
Average = 10/2 = 5 (Target in UCC accounts)
1 month old Franchiese = 20
Average = 20/1 = 20 (Target in UCC accounts)

Trading Incentive Criteria :
1) You have to attain the Account opening target as first criteria.
2) Second Criteria: 80% of UCC account opened should start trading, if it happens respective Franchise will be eligible for Trading Incentive.
3) Trading Incentive as Rs. 100 Per Newly Traded Account in any one segment MCX/NSE- FO.

Example: Franchise UCC Account open given Target is 8
UCC Opened for the Month : 10
80% of UCC Opened Target is : 8
Newly Started Trading UCC Account : 9
Account opening incentive = 2*100 = Rs. 200 will be Rewarded
UCC Traded Incentive = 9*100 = 900 will be rewarded

Traded 80% Target :

Total Traded Done :

The Traded Incentive is :

Subbroker Payment:
1) Account opened will be calculated form 01 -31st of every month, UCC traded Accounts 80% will be calculated till 15th of Next month.
Ex: Aug month account opened means, will have due date Traded time till Sep 15th can be taken into consideration.
2) This will be reflected on every month 25th Dated of previous month performance, will be credited in Subbroker Ledger.

Note : This Policy will NOT be applicable for BSE cash, BSE currency, NSE Cash and NSe Currency.
Request all Branch managers/Franchise Managers to inform about the Policy to your beloved Franchiese.