CC/EXT/065- Revision in MCX Trading Hours


Kindly note the MCX trading timings will be revised from November 04, 2019 on account of change in US daylight saving timings.

After End of US Day light Savings in Fall Season Client Code Modification
Trade Start Time Trade End Time
Internationally Reference
able Non-Agri Commodities
09.00 AM 11.55 PM 11.45 PM to 11.59 PM
Internationally Referenceable
Agri Commodities ( Cotton, CPO & RBDPMOLEIN)
09.00 AM 09.00 PM 09.00 PM to 09.15 PM
All Other Commodities 09.00 AM 05.00 PM 05.00 PM to 05.15 PM

The timings will be between November 04, 2019 to March 06, 2020 (both days inclusive)
All MCX Intraday positions for Non-Agri commodities will be squared off timings mentioned below as
Pre Square off & Square off Timings will be 11.35 PM.