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CC/EXT/074- Swift Payout in Timings

We are glad to inform that
"NOW clients can get their Payouts much faster than before".

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As per RBI Guidelines, NEFT transaction will occur within 30 minutes for the other banks, and immediate reflection for the same bank.
Withdrawal requests are processed before 8.30 AM, funds will be transferred to bank account within 11.00 am on the same day.

PAYOUT Request Cut off Time AB Processing Time Client Receiving fund
Old Timings 8.30 am 2.00 pm 4.00 pm
New Timings 8.30 am 11.00 am 11.30 am

Benefits to Clients:
1) Clients can enjoy by taking the funds within the banking hours immediately.
2) Immediate reflections of funds for trading.

As we aware that Withdrawal request placed on Saturday and Sunday and will be processed on Monday.

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