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CC/EXT/075- Franchise Payout Guidelines

As you are aware that We have completed the migration of Single Margin Facility - ABFSPL, we would like to inform the remisier Payout terms for Dec 2019. Please note that these terms are applicable for this Month Payout only.

Conditions /Guidelines to Note:
1) As regular register payout slot is every month 5th dated.
2) For MCX -ABCPL payout calculation will be done for the period dates Dec 01 - Dec 20, 2019, From Dec 23, 2019 onwards Calculation of both MCX and NSE payout will get processed from ABFSPL Only

Entity Segments Dates Payout Date
ABCPL MCX Dec 01- Dec 20 Jan 05, 2020
ABFSPL MCX+NSE Dec 23 - Dec 31 Jan 05, 2020

For checking the MCX Business in ABCPL

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For ABFSPL - MCX+NSE Business

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