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CC/EXT/088- How to process EKYC Online from the client end

We would like to inform you that as we are receiving the request in forms of EKYC which has to be processed by our sales employees. In the wake of CONVID-19 and our sales team are connecting from home, it is suggested that EKYC forms can be processed by clients online

In order to support this, we have prepared manually in PPT and video on "How to process EKYC in a well-explained tutorial"

In order to reduce time in doing this process, it is suggested that our sales team can evaluate the EKYC forms in all the stages and kindly educate our clients to process the EKYC forms from their end.

Refer this video for reference

Watch now!

Processing time :
Client processing EKYC at their end takes 24 hours for opening the account
Sales team processing EKYC forms takes 48 hrs for Opening the account

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