Minimum Retention Reversal Circular


Dear All,

We would like to inform you that “We have defined NEW Criteria for Holding the minimum condition of Rs. 2500/ – For Franchise”

Terms and Condition:

  1. Every franchise has to attain by providing a minimum account opening target of 5.
  2. The Revised policy which is effective from Dec 01, 2020, onwards
  3. If the minimum target has not been reached means, Holding the amount of Rs.2500 can happen.
  4. During Previous months we used to deduct the amount, and the policy now changed to holding the amount (Where Franchise can attain the target and get the amount for the previous months)

Example Criteria:

If “X” Franchise attained

  1. December Account opening Target – 5, accounts Opened only 3, pending 2 account opening will get carry forward to near month target
  2. January account opening target  – 7 (Including Dec month pending 2 account opening) 

If You are achieving your targets in January month (7 accounts), then the December month minimum sharing blocked amount will get released on the January month commission.

Payout Terms: On account of the achievement of targets, the Amount can be given in Jan Month Remisier Payout.
*Eligibility Within next month you can claim that amount