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Calculate your earning potential & 10% cashback validity using the calculator below:

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Refer & Earn FAQs

How will I know whether my referred friend opened an account with Aliceblue?
Step 1: Login to your BOT account
Step 2: Once you are logged in, find all the details of your referred leads, clients, cashbacks & commission under the "Refer and Earn" section in the left side menu.
What is DIGILink?
DIGILink is an affiliate link that contains your Client ID. This link helps to record your referrals against your Aliceblue account.
How can I generate leads?
Share your DIGILink URL with friends, family, acquaintances and on social media. When they open an account with Aliceblue, both you and your referral benefit per the 2-sided referral program. Download the DigiPromo app to share valuable content to generate leads
How long will I earn commission on my referred leads?
You will earn 10% commission for lifetime on trades executed by your referred clients.
How is the 10% brokerage cashback validity period calculated?
As part of the 2 sided referral program, you & your friend gets a 30 days brokerage cashback. Which means that if you refer say 5 friends, you get a 10% brokerage cashback of 5x30 = 150 days while each of your friends get 30 days 10% brokerage cashback each. The more you refer, the more brokerage cashback days you earn.
What are the terms for payment?
TDS of 5% is applicable on Cashback. The commission will be remitted on 15th of every month directly into your ledger account and the cashback will be remitted on 1st of every month