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Monday , September 20 2021
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Alice Algo - Web-based Auto Robot Trading

Alice Algo – Web-based Auto Robot Trading

Algo trading or automatic trading is a process of using a software program to perform the trading on a defined instruction. Manual trading always being a headache to traders because trading with consecutive loses makes a trader panic and slowly it may be a cause of losing patience.

“Algo trading is also known as emotionless trading. Most of the traders are now shifting fasting from manual trading to Algo trading because it is possible to generate profit speedy and increases the frequency.”

Algo trading or auto robot trading is possible in the Indian market as well as in foreign exchanges. Most of the trades using FOREX trading has adopted the Algo trading in their trading pattern.

Alice Algo is a product available in the trade store of Alice blue website where a user can do Algo trading via Mobile and web browser. It sounds really interesting because it has lots of amazing features. In Alice Algo we have two types of Algo Trading:

  1. MT4 Links
  2. Strategies

MT4 Links works to do trading with MT4(Metatrader 4) based strategies where we create a link in the Alice Algo app and paste the key to the MT4 Indicator. Whenever the signal comes in the Mt4 Platform, it trades automatically to the selected symbol in the Alice Algo. Following are the complimentary Mt4 based Indicators to trade:

  1. Button Trading
  2. Multi Indicator
  3. Super Trend

On the other side, Strategies works for using the pre-defined strategies provided by the seven ticks software. The traders who don’t have much knowledge about the charts or those who don’t want to spend much time to trading they can do trading by using the Strategies section of the Alice Algo. The Platform is having some good strategies for the Intraday and Positional traders. Following are the strategies available in the Alice Algo Strategies section:

  1. Eagle Trading
  2. Money Machine
  3. Intramax
  4. Super trend

Now let’s understand the working procedure MT4 Indicators and the basics of the Strategies. This blog is going to be Very Interesting for the readers, So we request you to read the below section very carefully.

  1. Button Trading system:

Button Trading system is an MT4 based indicator to place the orders from the chart window. it comes with 4 basic buttons (Buy, Close Buy, Sell and Close Sell). Traders can place and square off the trade by a single click. Trade will directly go to the Alice blue trading account immediately.

  1. Multi Indicator

Multi Indicator is an Indicator of having More than 15 Strategies like RSI, Moving average crossover, MACD, Bollinger Band, Gator Oscillator, Williams Percentage range, etc. Traders can choose any indicator with custom parameters as well as can trade with the combination of 2,3,4 Indicators by simply enabling and disabling the strategies. Most of the traders are using the basic Mt4 Indicators with there own parameters. So, The Multi-Indicator is very useful for the traders because in that you can customize the strategy according to your desire.

  1. Super Trend Indicator

Super Trend indicator is the most common indicator for the traders of stock or commodity market. This indicator is also included in the Alice Algo Subscription. It comes with Changing parameters facility as well as multiple stop loss and Targets. Users can select multiple Qty and various Targets and Stoploss Levels. Traders also can apply the indicator of Normal or Renko Charts.
Thus, Simply Traders can take the subscription of Alice Algo Mt4 Links and can use the above 3 Indicators for free. Because all the above indicators are complimentary with the subscription.
In the above section, we have explained how the user can use the Mt4 software for trading automatically in the stock or commodity market. Now let’s discuss the use of the Strategies section of Alice Algo.
Alice Algo comes with some of the pre-defined strategies. Strategies are trusted and highly profitable strategies. Let’s understand the basics of the Strategies:

  1. Eagle Trading:

Eagle Trading is a Price action-based strategy that works on the breakout of a specific period’s high and low. If it breaks the high of the particular period and candle close with a buffer, we take a buy signal and the opposite is the sell signal vise versa. Accuracy of this trading strategy comes approx 70-75%.

  1. Money Machine:

Money Machine is a very powerful strategy based on the Fibonacci levels as well as Gann Strategy. It is the combination of the above strategies and capable of giving good positional signals in CRUDEOIL, BANKNIFTY, SBIN, NIFTY, etc. Accuracy of this strategy is approx 65-70% but it gives regular and Huge profits.

  1. Intramax: 

Intramax is also an Intraday based trading strategy in which we use the Magical Support and resistance levels to generate the trades. It doesn’t wait for closing candle and generate the signals on realtime breakouts. The accuracy of the signal is above 75%.

  1. Super Trend:

Super Trend strategy is the same as we have discussed in the above section of the blog. We Use 15 Minutes time frame chart and ATR=10, Multiplier=4.
So, All the above strategies are available as MT4 Indicators. If someone wants to see the strategies on Mt4, they can contact the Aliceblue team. Traders who want us to make their strategy on MT4 can also contact us on the email:


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