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ANT Bridge – A platform to connect and trade using other advanced tool

Dear Traders,

We have some great news for all you programmers out there who trade the markets. ANT bridge is now enable for two-way communication (firing orders, and getting response in terms of order update, position, holding, and more..) not just for AmiBroker, but from any programming languages such as C#, PERL, Python and more..

ANT Bridge

Register with your choice: Click here
After that we will validate and send you required files

Please follow below steps:
Make sure you have the latest ANT installed, using the full installer or by checking from Help -> Check for Updates

Amibroker 32 bit version

  • Unzip ANT Bridge that has been sent you after successful registration.
  • After Opening/Extracting this zip file you will get
    – Installation_Help_ANTBridge.doc
    – ANTBridge_Installer.exe
  • Run ANTBridge_Installer.exe
  • You will see following screen in a while, then Installation is fine.

In case the user face any other installation issue, please contact AliceBlue support

Data feed

  • If you have decided to use Amibroker, Python or any other programming language to analyze and fire/manage your orders, you will need live market data to power it. As a brokerage, we are only allowed to give data on our trading platform. If you already have access to market data, you will be able to access it on any programming language of your choice (until now data vendor used to provide only on Amibroker, Metastock etc) .


  • ANT bridge will be useful only to those who understand programming. We will be able to support only those who have this background.
  • Everything clarified above , semi-computerized, implies there should be a human intercession to submit a request.
  • ANT bridge will be free for the first one month and after that it will be based on your trading frequency.
  • Alice Blue is providing a platform to integrate and execute your own strategies. We are not recommending any strategies and we are not responsible for your profit / loss.
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About Dwipen Gogoi

Dwipen Gogoi, MBA (IB and IT) and PGDFT from Pune. (Technical Analyst of AliceBlue) I am a You Tuber, Blogger and doing Technical Analysis last 10 years in Stock, Commodity and Forex Market. i am creating various trading strategies for day traders, swing traders, scalp traders.

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  1. jul hussain assam

    How to connect ANT Bridge to mt4

  2. How to connect ANT Bridge to Amibroker?

  3. I like to know about your E2T .
    I had created some simple logics in a Market linked excel sheet. Now I like to trade with the signal calculated and generated by that excel sheet.
    Can I trade by that signals via ant bridge..

    • Hi Tapon you can trade via ant bridge but you must create EA for MT4

      • Dwipen Gogoi,

        Great product, but I feel there isnt enough information available on the modus-operandi of most of your product. A video designed elaborately, step by step, should be in place for new customers probably (1) for non-programmers (2) for programmers.

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