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ANT Bridge (Algo Semi EA)

Trade Shares, Commodity and Forex with a very profitable with Alice Blue ANT Bridge. which uses an algorithmic strategy for risk free and stable income for life. Alice Blue introducing the Algo Semi call ANT Bridge. Using Algorithmic Strategy and it will help you eliminate your losing trades and help you make more gains.

 Algorithmic Trading System

• It will Protect your account from Losing Trades.
• AB is a semi automated robot that protects your account from losing. when your trade has not gone as planed. This EA never needs updates or have an expiry license.
• An automated hedging strategy for you so you DO NOT have to sit and do the math to execute the strategy manually..
• Help you improve your trading skills and your psychology for sure.
• It will convert ALL losing trades into a profitable sequence of trades.  

Why Traders Loss Money

1) They will close profitable trades earlier, while leaving losing trades opened much longer. These type of traders will have very small profits and huge losses. which will end up draining their account.

2) They will close out trades as soon as they start losing. This is wrong as these types traders will fail to make any profits as they DO NOT allow their trades enough time. or room if you like, to develop and become profitable.

The Algo Semi EA aims to help eliminate these mistakes and allow your trades to become profitable. Algorithmic trading strategy only a very small number of traders around the world know and execute. There are two type of mode, Automatic and Semi automatic. In automatic mode it will place the first trade for you and continue to manage it until it finishes it’s cycle and close it in profit. If in semi mode it will wait for you to place your first trade.


This software uses an algorithm which alternates between Buy and Sell. trades each time gradually changing the exposure between Long and Short by partially hedging trades. If the initial trade you placed moves in unfavorable direction. it will start to manage that trade. An alternating series of Buy and Sell trades at two specific places will be taking place. with two Exit Points above and below for each of the two trades. Once either of the two exit point are met, all trades are closed in combined profit.

Here are some questions you might have:

1) What is the minimum lot size the Algo Semi EA can work with?
Ans- Yes

2) Can I trade with 1 Lot?
Ans- Yes

3) What is the recommended account balance for this EA?
Ans- Minimum 15000
4) Which broker is recommend?
Ans- You might want to check out Alice Blue, which I fully recommend. They are an excellent broker and account “leverage 1:20 for Stock and Commodity”
5) Can I use the Algo Semi EA to recover trades placed by another EA, or a manually placed trade by me or an existing trade already running in my account?
Ans- Yes you can absolutely

6) What timeframe does this EA run on? and on what pairs?
Ans- It runs on ANY timeframe and ANY stock and commodity
7) Do step by step instructions come with the EA and help if needed?
Ans- Yes of course they do

8) Is there a demo version available?
Ans- No, demo version is not available.

9) Can this EA be tested in strategy tester?
Ans- No, as it does NOT place trades, therefore it does not work in the strategy tester.  

10) Does this EA require future updates or does it have an expiry date?
Ans- No, this EA will never require future updates and it will never expire. There are NO refunds and ALL sales are final.


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