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Friday , July 30 2021
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Technology is changing day by day!! Here we shows how technology will guide you for better trading experience. Also, we update you with Budget news.

When Zomato IPO will Release?

zomato ipo

Company Profile Zomato’s technology platform connects customers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners, meeting their multiple needs. Customers use its platform to search and find restaurants, read and write customer-generated reviews and view and upload photos, order food delivery, book a table, and pay while dining at the restaurant. On the …

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Investment Power of the Next Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency

After several years of consolidation in crypto markets, new innovative protocols are attracting interest. Interest has created a new crypto hype that is reminiscent of the 2017 ICO boom. As it happened in 2017, there are a large number of protocols in the crypto market. This time, the focus has shifted …

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Corona Virus Impact On Economic Investor’s In India

5 Things to do in a Volatile Stock Market [& 5 Things not to do]

Investors in India’s $ 2.8 trillion equity market are mitigating the economic impact of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreak, which would delay any recovery and could trigger a “correction” in shares, according to the country’s top-performing fund manager. The benchmark S&P BSE Sensex has climbed for two straight weeks, a …

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Details On Union Budget 2021

Union Budget 2021

Details Budget Faced with the real choice between saving lives and the economy, Budget 2021 has ended its task. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has promised a once-in-a-century budget, one that brings the Indian economy back on track. Coronovirus has brought new concerns and a need for solutions, especially in healthcare. …

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Will the IPO of Indigo Paints hit the market?

Will the IPO of Indigo Paints hit the market?

Indigo Paints’ initial public offering (IPO) is set to hit the market on Wednesday amid a frenzy over its unlisted shares in the grey market. Analysts said that one could subscribe to the issue of the Paintmaker’s superior performance and scope for market share expansion, seeking valuation demand. The company …

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Sebi New Margin Rules from Dec 2020

Sebi New Margin Rules

The market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) “peak margin” norms came into effect from 1 Dec. The new criteria mandated the collection of upfront margins from customers, which may be peak margins or end-of-the-day (EOD) margins, whichever is higher, intraday as well as delivery. Analysts believe that …

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