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Monday , September 20 2021
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Squareoff – Algo Trading firm

Squareoff - Algo Trading firm

Trading strategies built on statistical and mathematical models have historically offered higher returns than their benchmarks and mutual funds, but they are not open to every trader. If a trader wants to subscribe for tips providers, there is always a huge gap between the stock tips sent by the advisory …

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How to invest in IPO?

IPO -Alice blue

What is an IPO? IPO is an Initial Public Offering. It happens when a company’s shares are offered for sale to the general public or to the institutional investors for the first time. It is also called “going public”. In other words, for the first time, owners who may be …

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Alice Algo – Web-based Auto Robot Trading

Alice Algo - Web-based Auto Robot Trading

Algo trading or automatic trading is a process of using a software program to perform the trading on a defined instruction. Manual trading always being a headache to traders because trading with consecutive loses makes a trader panic and slowly it may be a cause of losing patience. “Algo trading …

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Introducing Sensibull by Aliceblue!


We have happy to introduce India’s First Option Trading Platform– Sensibull for you!! If you have a target for the market or a stock, Sensibull tells you the right Option Strategies for your target. This means you can trade options just by knowing the stock and its direction. No need to …

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Updated Features in ANT mobi & ANt web


We have enrolled new function in Ant WEB platform and ANT Mobi Kindly reviews it first and prepare Video in your channels. ANT Mobi feature Update: Mobile app: 1.The market watch UI change 2. Snapquote will be available in position window itself 3.Contract alignment 4.Sorting and filtering Previous points to …

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