Global Market Weekly Report 12/10/20
Thursday , October 22 2020
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Global Market Research Weekly Report Oct 5-9 | Alice Blue

Global Market Weekly Report 12/10/20

Stocks rose in all major global markets as investors became more confident that another US fiscal stimulus bill would be finalized, despite reports of a package likely to be uncertain. Equities were further supported by widespread support to continue the leadership of Joe Biden led by President Donald Trump in opinion polls, which reduced the likelihood of an incumbent or contesting. The optimistic outlook raised government bond yields in both Canada and the US. The yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds climbed to its highest level since early June. Meanwhile, oil prices moved toward the Louisiana coast as a storm and forced the closure of 80% of the Gulf of Mexico production, threatening to destroy raw materials for weeks.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said lawmakers made progress over the weekend. President Trump’s hospitalization for COVID-19, and his quick return to the White House, were also seen to boost the agreement’s prospects. However, shares fell sharply worldwide when Trump said he stopped talking to Democratic leaders after the election. Following statements from both the president and Pelosi, about the potential for stand-alone measures – including one to help airlines – and word that Pelosi continues to speak about a comprehensive deal with Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin Investors settled on an optimistic stance. On Friday, Trump reversed course and supported a broader package, even with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warning that such an agreement was unlikely before the election.

This weeks market closing values

EQUITY INDICESLevelChange1-weekYTD1-year5-year
S&P/TSX16,562.81+ 363.56+ 2.24%– 2.93%+ 1.12%+ 3.47%
S&P 5003,477.13+ 128.69+ 2.46%+ 8.87%+ 17.33%+ 11.87%
DJIA28,586.90+ 904.09+ 1.89%+ 1.33%+ 6.89%+ 11.19%
FTSE 1006,016.65+ 114.53+ 1.28%– 20.79%– 11.76%– 4.15%
CAC 404,946.81+ 121.93+ 2.07%– 11.87%– 4.52%+ 2.11%
DAX13,051.23+ 362.19+ 2.40%+ 4.43%+ 14.54%+ 6.40%
Nikkei23,619.69+ 589.79+ 0.88%+ 3.39%+ 10.37%+ 8.16%
Hang Seng24,119.13+ 660.08+ 1.40%– 13.01%– 6.35%+ 1.75%


CURRENCY RETURNSCADChange1-weekYTD1-year5-year
US$1.3121– 0.0187– 1.41%+ 1.01%– 1.59%+ 0.27%
Euro1.5517– 0.0075– 0.48%+ 6.52%+ 6.07%+ 1.08%
Yen0.0124– 0.0002– 1.71%+ 3.89%+ 0.14%+ 2.91%


3-month0.09– 0.03Oil$40.60+ $3.55
5-year0.38+ 0.02Gold$1,930.40+ $30.56
10-year0.63+ 0.06Natural Gas$1.49+ $0.09

What’s ahead next weeks:


  • Existing home sales (September)
  • Manufacturing sales (August)


  • Consumer and Producer Price Indices (September)
  • Empire State Manufacturing Survey (October)
  • Retail sales (September)
  • Industrial production, Capacity utilization (September)
  • Univ. of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (October)
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