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Tuesday , July 7 2020
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Global Market Research Weekly Report June 22-27 | Alice Blue

Global Market Weekly Report 28 June 2020

Global stock markets retreated, with gold prices falling and bond yields falling as COVID-19 cases spiked in Japan, Germany, Australia, and the United States, prompting investors to worry about reopening trade. The speed may be slow or reverse. The week of equity began with a gain of two days, raised from a talk in the US of possible additional fiscal stimulus. However, optimism quickly faded after new COVID-19 cases reached record levels in Texas, Florida, and elsewhere. The mood continued after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its forecast, stating that the global recession would be deep and that recovery would slow, as it had predicted two months earlier. In addition, trade tensions between the US and Canada and the European Union have resumed.

Although new virus cases continue to decrease in Canada, there was other news to weigh the confidence of Canadian investors. Fitch, one of the “big three” credit rating agencies, lowered Canada’s rating from AAA to AA + due to a decline in government finances due to COVID-19 response measures. In addition, with the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) coming into force next week, the US again threatened to impose duties on aluminum imports from Canada. In the benchmark S&P / TSX Composite Index, materials and technology were the only areas to gain. The material sector was lifted by gold stocks, as bullion prices reached an eight-year high. E-commerce company Shopify Inc. The technology sector was once again, witnessing steady growth. The stock, which now includes more than 60% of its sector’s index weights, has more than doubled and tripled over the quarter. Last 12 months

This weeks market closing values

EQUITY INDICESLevelChange1-weekYTD1-year5-year
S&P/TSX15,188.98– 285.23– 1.84%– 10.99%– 6.89%+ 0.51%
S&P 5003,009.05– 88.69– 2.33%– 1.93%+ 7.59%+ 9.66%
DJIA25,015.55– 855.91– 2.77%– 7.70%– 1.79%+ 9.07%
FTSE 1006,159.30– 133.30– 1.74%– 19.95%– 15.86%– 4.54%
CAC 404,909.64– 69.81– 0.53%– 13.52%– 8.26%+ 1.58%
DAX12,089.39– 241.37– 1.09%– 4.36%+ 1.48%+ 3.24%
Nikkei22,512.08+ 33.29+ 0.42%+ 1.20%+ 11.78%+ 6.84%
Hang Seng24,549.99– 93.90+ 0.17%– 7.84%– 8.70%+ 0.40%


CURRENCY RETURNSCADChange1-weekYTD1-year5-year
US$1.3674+ 0.0067+ 0.49%+ 5.27%+ 4.17%+ 2.11%
Euro1.5350+ 0.0141+ 0.93%+ 5.38%+ 2.84%+ 2.21%
Yen0.0128+ 0.0000+ 0.19%+ 6.69%+ 4.76%+ 5.10%


3-month0.21+ 0.01Oil$38.11– $1.64
5-year0.36– 0.02Gold$1,770.75+ $26.88
10-year0.51– 0.03Natural Gas$1.50+ $0.04

What’s ahead next weeks:


  • Gross domestic product (April)
  • Int’l. merchandise trade (May)
  • Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (June)


  • Pending home sales (May)
  • Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index (June)
  • Employment reports (June)
  • Markit and ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Indices (June)
  • Construction spending (May)
  • Trade balance (May)
  • Durable goods orders (May)
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