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Monday , September 20 2021
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Alice Blue - Smallcase

Introducing Smallcase by Aliceblue

smallcases are created baskets of stocks that reflect trending ideas and strategies. It is used to built and managed by SEBI licensed professionals, for using quantitative models in addition, algorithms to screen  and weight constituents. A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs that  reflect an idea/strategy.

Characteristics of a smallcase:

  • A basket of stocks/ETFs.
  • Weights assigned to the constituents.
  • Centered around a market theme/idea/strategy.
  • For Long-term investments.
  • Tied to relateable themes/ideas.
  • Each smallcase has a unique minimum amount.
  • Direct ownership – It shares credited to your demat account.

Why smallcases?

The smallcases platform is the easiest way to invest, in portfolios of stocks or ETFs for the long-term. If You can choose a smallcase based on a theme that you are positive on, for the reason that track  in addition, manage multiple portfolios seamlessly.

Diversify and  lower your risks

Investing in multiple stocks protects you against volatility in a specific stock.

Zero management fees

Pay only  you transact Therefore, unlike paying everyday for mutual funds.

Always stay in total control

Invest without lock-in.  In addition, earn dividends directly in your bank account.

Buy or sell multiple stocks in 1 click

Place orders for up to 50 stocks in 1 click as a smallcase and probably  you save the time.

Track smallcases anytime, anywhere

Track and manage seamlessly with a real time smallcase value, inclusive of corp. actions in addition, dividends.

Invest regularly with SIPs

Invest in a disciplined manner by starting a SIP on your smallcase for a every week and also month or quarter.

Create your own smallcase

Be your own fund manager in addition,  invest in your ideas by creating a smallcase of up to 50 stocks. 

Advantages of investing the smallcase

First of all Investor can invest in a smallcase. Moreover its eliminating the emotions by harnessing . the power of data is the key benefit of a systematic approach to investing . Second is, Where investor can invest in a portfolio that follows a systematic and also Rules-based approach using measurable data such as price, volatility, earnings, etc. Similarly, It can be ignores any subjective opinions.  A smallcases eliminates the effects of any biases. and also which impacts all investors including fund managers. In addition, a rules-driven strategy has no room to react to short-term news and events. keeping in mind just the long-term objective.

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