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Tuesday , July 7 2020
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Just Click & Earn Part Time From Your Home – Download Digipromo App

Are you missing out on your summer internship due to lockdown? Have ample time, but nothing fun to do? Do you know you can Earn while scrolling down your social media feeds from your home while sipping your favorite cup of coffee? Read on…

We have a surprise!

It’s very simple. And the good news is you don’t need any specific set of skills. All you have to do is to install our Digipromo app and share the templates with your social media contacts. Still doubtful how it works? Let me explain.

Who we are: Aliceblue is the fastest growing discount broker with Tech-driven apps in India. We are the market leader in South India. Currently, we’re expanding aggressively. We’ve pan India branches. You can read more about us here.

What is Digipromo app: It’s a revolutionary app introduced by Aliceblue, which helps in generating business through sharing our content with your social media contacts. Whenever your contact registers with us, you get a referral amount of Rs.100 per account. So, the more the number of registration done by your referred contacts, the more you’ll earn.

Who it is for: Everyone! You don’t need to complete a certain degree or a professional course to be eligible for this. There’s absolutely no minimum qualification required.

How will I earn money & what will be the amount:  This is the most interesting part. All you have to do is to open an account with us and download our Digipromo app. There’ll be a small one time fee of Rs. 500 for this. Once you’ve opened your account, you can to your app and start sharing templates from the app to your social network. If they register themselves with us, you’ll get Rs. 100 per account. login

Where can I share it: Almost all the major social media platforms. Namely, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Telegram.

Additionally, there’re a lot of contents which might be useful for you as well. You can study them and increase your knowledge absolutely free. Sounds exciting? Let’s get you started.

Register your details here: Registration

Download the app from here: Download

Get more information about the app here: More info

Don’t want to download now? Have some other questions? Don’t worry, just give your information here and we’ll help you: Need help

Utilize your time this lockdown and earn your pocket money from your home. Who knows, you might start saving for your future, too. All the very best!



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