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Friday , July 30 2021
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Global Market shares rose Tuesday as investors appeared hopeful for positive news– Morning Talk – Wednesday,November 20

Global market shares

Global Market Shares Global market shares rose on Tuesday as investors expected positive news from the trade talks between the United States and China. Strong economic data and better-than-expected corporate earnings have boosted US stocks since early October, while “markets are confident that we will see a phase-one trade deal …

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How to trade with Coppock Curve


Quick Summary of Coppock Curve: Best Indicators for Intraday Trading : The Coppock curve is a long-term price momentum indicator. It is also recognize major bottoms in the stock market. Coppock curve is an excellent tool for discriminating between bear market rallies and true bottoms in the stock market. The …

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How to Trade with Donchian Channel Indicator


Quick Summary of Donchian Channel Indicator: Trading Techniques : The Donchian channel indicator consists of an envelope with upper and lower bands and a middle band. The DCI is a pointer utilized in market exchanging created by Richard Donchian. The indicator plots a 20-period default high and low price band with the …

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How to Trade With MACD


Quick Summary of MACD: The MACD is a moving average oscillator that shows potential overbought/oversold phases of market fluctuation. The MACD is a calculation of two moving averages of the underlying price/indicator. Buy/Sell interpretations may be derived from crossovers. Overbought/oversold levels of the MACD and divergences between MACD and actual …

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How to trade with Aroon Indicator


Quick Summary Aroon Indicator: The Aroon indicator is used to define price is following a trend or sideways. And to measure the trend’s strength. If the currency’s trading price is going up. The end for this period will be closer, and on the contrary. The Aroon indicator shows in percents …

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