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Tuesday , September 21 2021
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United States and China

Trade between the US and China has long been a stalemate-Morning Talk – Thursday, May 23

Trade between the United States and China has long been a stalemate. Beijing, Korean War Films (Anti: America) is waking up the feelings of patriotism in the Chinese public and is offering tax deductions to software and chip companies as Chinese technology companies threaten US export controls.

In Washington, Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchen, Wal-Mart and other companies are talking about finding ways to reduce pain if President Donald Trump moves forward with plans to expand import products into $ 300 billion of Chinese products. Those who have not been affected by the tariff already.

And the Trump administration is working on a support package for US farmers hurt by Chinese vendor fees on Soybean and other American agricultural products of China at the top of the $ 11 billion dollar agricultural bailout last year.

US and Chinese Trade

Without an agreement to resolve the dispute over Beijing’s aggressive efforts to challenge American technical dominance, Menuchin and American business representative Robert Lightheiser wrapped up the 11th round of talks with Chinese earlier this month. The United States alleged that China was stealing technology, subsidizing its companies in the wrong way, and forces the American companies to submit business secrets if they want access to the Chinese market.

Brookings Institution’s Senior Fellow and World Bank and the U.S. David Dollar, a former Treasury official, said, “It is very difficult to recognize whether it is a long-standing struggle or just a negotiating strategy.” “I think this is changing in a long-term business conflict. We have to entertain the possibility that there is no deal.”

The dollar points to the comments of Korean war films and President Xi Jinping, which states that Chinese people need to make themselves steel for another “long march” – to avoid the ruling nationalist of China A reference to the mythological and difficult trek Mao Zedong communists Government in 1934-1935

The world’s two largest economies are already locked in the most expensive business battle since the 1930s.

The United States has imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese imports for $ 250 billion and plans to target another $ 300 billion – a step that covers everything from China’s ships to the United States.

China has targeted US $ 110 billion in retaliation.

China is looking at other ways to put pressure on America.

President Xi made a point to visit a Chinese factory this week, which processes the rare earth – minerals used in mobile phones and electric cars. Unpublished message: China needs to supply foreign minerals to the United States.

China also reversed the Boeing Company. On Wednesday, two of China’s three major government-owned airlines – Air China Ltd and China Southern Airlines Ltd – demanded compensation for grounding of aircraft manufacturer’s 737 Max Jetliners after fatal accidents. In Ethiopia and Indonesia Third state-owned carrier – China Eastern Airlines Limited – had made a similar request last month.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government took steps to protect the technical companies from collateral damage in American companies-China conflict.

The new ministry said that under the new measure, most software and integrated circuit companies can pay to pay income tax for two years and thereafter, their tax bills will be cut by half.

Most smartphones, tablet computers and other electronics have gathered in China. But Chinese manufacturers generally use microchips and other components of American, Japanese or Taiwan.

The United States has squeezed Chinese companies by threatening to stop supply of those key components. The Trump Administration issued an order last week which will stop or stop the reach of Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Ltd. American chips and Google, which provides Android operating systems and services for Huawei’s smartphone.

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