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Weekly Report 27 May 2019

Indian Market

Sensex, Nifty, ML Midcap Index and ML Small Cap Index increased by 2% from May 17, 2019 to May 23, 2019. ML Large-Cap Index and ML Mega-Cap Index increased by 1% ML Micro-Cap Index fell 1%.

Weekly Changes Index

Index17 May23 MayChange (%)
Micro-Cap Index76.2075.62-1%
Small-Cap Index83.6285.312%
Mid- Cap Index89.4191.542%
Large-Cap Index96.3697.371%
Mega-Cap Index98.92100.251%

Weekly Gainer / Loser

Index17 May23 MayChange (%)
Mega- Cap Gainers / Losers
Adani Enterprise119.30161.3035%
Torrent Pharmaceutical1647.851552.65-6%
Large-Cap Gainers / Losers
Reliance Power6.007.6628%
Jubilant Life Science596.05517.10-13%
Mid-Cap Gainers / Losers
Ramky Infrastructure94.10124.7033%
Ultramarine & Pigments225.00196.40-13%
Small-Cap Gainers / Losers
ASI Industries12.3216.5935%
Birla Cable123.0090.85-26%
Micro-Cap Gainers / Losers
Alkali Matels36.9550.3536%
NEL Holdings3.952.99-24%

MCX and COMEX Weekly Review

China, gold prices fall after US Dollar rise on US consumer data

Dollar bulls Seem to be making more and more on the back- China does business negotiations compared to gold grapes. Gold shine and futures closed sharply by 1,300 due to declining gold prices on Friday. Levels after expressing impatience on the media driven by the state of China Progress of trade talks with Washington. In US consumer, the dollar reached a high level and struck at a 15-year high level. feeling. Contrary to many properties, gold is in a unique position American-China Trade War A positive resolution means that bullion Can get benefits related to more ornaments and other bullion Consumption in China. A negative result could break gold Stands as a safe haven against weakening of sugar development.

Crude oil slides as Iran war talk loss traction

Iran and Oil have to wait for war concerns. Attention is back towards China And trade war. West texas intermediate futures, benchmark For American crude oil, 11 cents or 0.2% closed at $ 62.75 a barrel. this Two weeks’ high hit of $ 63.64 due to fear of a new war Saudi Arabia broke into Persian Gulf after being accused of Iran Demolition of state oil infrastructure Combined oil and Gas rig count is 987, 42-rig reduction has been observed on the year with oil
And since last year, the gas leak was turned 15. Combined oil and Gas rig count is below 59 years.

LME Base Metals Low Between US Dollar Profit

Trading volume was thin during the day with copper volume Lead Complex to more than 10,000 lots. Less The situation of liquidity continues to make base metals complicated Investors who have a widely vulnerable view of metals, While the resurgence in trade disputes between the United States And China has made more shopping this week. three months The price of zinc futures was the worst performing metal In the afternoon, to reach less Intraday with a fall of more than 1% $ 2,593 per tonne and closing $ 2,600 per tonne.

Last Week MCX Change

MCXDate  10-05-19Date 17-05-19% Chg

Last Week COMEX Changes

COMEXDate  10-05-19Date 17-05-19% Chg
$ INDEX97.0497.85+0.83%

International Market review

The world’s two largest economies – due to a trade dispute between the United States and China, equity fell into most major markets – even worse. Investor Consensus, which was expected only an adjacent resolution a few weeks ago, has shifted from the perspective of the ongoing tensions for the coming years. Traders took shelter of gold and bonds, pushing the yield of 10-year-old American funds to its lowest level since 2017. The secured American dollar climbed to a high of two years before retiring on Thursday, although its strength still depends on oil and pressure. commodity prices. Crude oil prices fell by 7% due to the poor list of raw materials of the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), West Texas Intermediate (WTI), and the additional frustration of refinery use data.

EQUITY INDICESLevelChange1-week CADYTD CAD1-year CAD5-yearCAD
S&P/TSX16,230.04– 171.71– 1.05%+ 13.32%+ 0.72%+ 1.99%
S&P 5002,826.06– 33.47– 1.32%+ 11.22%+ 8.03%+ 12.96%
DJIA25,585.69– 178.31– 0.85%+ 8.21%+ 7.53%+ 13.76%
FTSE 1007,277.73– 70.89– 1.25%+ 6.45%– 6.60%– 0.04%
CAC 405,316.51– 121.72– 2.03%+ 8.48%– 4.57%+ 3.77%
DAX12,011.04– 227.90– 1.66%+ 9.80%– 6.95%+ 4.57%
Nikkei21,117.22– 132.87– 0.26%+ 4.97%– 1.90%+ 10.98%
Hang Seng27,353.93– 592.53– 2.26%+ 4.19%– 7.28%+ 7.79%


CURRENCY RETURNSCADChange1-weekYTD1-year5-year
US$1.3437– 0.0021– 0.16%– 1.47%+ 4.31%+ 4.35%
Euro1.5059+ 0.0045+ 0.30%– 3.69%– 0.25%+ 0.34%
Yen0.0123+ 0.0001+ 0.52%– 1.16%+ 4.28%+ 2.91%


3-month1.68+ 0.00Oil$58.90– $3.86
5-year1.50– 0.08Gold$1,284.74+ $7.19
10-year1.62– 0.07Natural Gas$2.68+ $0.07

What’s ahead next week:


  • Bank of Canada interest rate decision
  • Gross Domestic Product (March)
  • Industrial Product, Raw Materials Price Indices (April)


  • Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index (May)
  • Wholesale inventories (April)
  • Gross Domestic Product (1st Quarter)
  • Personal income and spending (April)
  • U. of Michigan Sentiment Index (May)


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