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The Easiest Way to Trade Options

“If you have a target for the market or a stock, Sensibull tells you the right Option Strategies for your target. This means you can trade options just by knowing the stock and its direction. No need to know anything about options..”

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Why Choose Us?

Trusted by Millions in India.
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Powerful Tools For Advanced Traders

Open Interest Analyser Option Analyser, Option Chain, Greeks, Screeners, Events Calendars, IV Percentile, and much more. By August we will have custom strategy builder where option trading pros can make their own strategies.

Fun, Easy Trading with very small risks

If you want to trade for fun without much losses, try EasyOptions. All you need to do is to predict if the market is up, down, or neutral - and we will give you safe, limited risks Option Strategies.

Paper Trading with Virtual Money

If you are an absolute beginner wanting try trading without losses. You can trade without real money and understand how it all works.

Trade Multileg Strategies in a single Click

Sensibull gives you smart, limited-risk strategies like Spreads, Strangles, Butterflies, Condors, etc. And you can execute them with a single Click.

Track your trades as strategies

Combine your trades and visualize their real-time P&L, real-time greeks and more. Useful if you trade option strategies, pair trades, calendar spreads etc.

Free Education in Hindi and English

Youtube videos on Option basics, advanced concepts, trading, and much more by traders from banks and hedge funds.

Safe and Mistake Free Trading

You can analyse options under different market conditions to understand your risks with Sensibull. It also tells you the mistakes you are making and the events and risks which can affect you.

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