Aluwind Architectural IPO

Aluwind Architectural Ltd. plans INR 29.70Cr IPO with 66 lakh new shares. Funds raised will meet working capital needs & corporate purposes.

Important Details

Date: Mar 28 to April 4, 2024 Listing Date: April 9, 2024 Price: INR 45 per share Lot Size: 3000 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 29.70cr

Fundamental Analysis

Aluwind Architectural shows promising trends,steady revenue growth, improved profitability, stable debt levels, increasing EPS & RoNW, presenting a compelling investment opportunity.

Peer Comparison

Aluwind Architectural exhibits lower PE ratio, higher EPS, RoNW, NAV per share than Innovators Façade Systems, signaling stronger financial performance and investor confidence.


Aluwind Architectural's IPO allocates INR 20.45 crores for FY 2024 working capital needs and remaining funds for strategic partnerships, branding, marketing, and client referrals.

Risks And Challenges

Aluwind Architectural faces risks including regional sales dependency particularly Maharashtra,  negative cash flows & seasonal fluctuations affecting growth and finances

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