Blue Pebble Ltd IPO

Blue Pebble Ltd. announces an IPO worth INR 18.14 Cr with a fresh issue of 10.80 lakh shares. Funds to boost working capital, machinery purchase, & corporate needs

Important Details

Date: Mar 26 to Mar 28, 2024 Listing Date: April 3, 2024 Price: INR 159 to 168 per share Lot Size: 800 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 18.14cr

Fundamental Analysis

Blue Pebble IPO displays strong growth with revenue increases, improved profitability, & strengthened equity, offering an attractive investment opportunity for analysis..

Peer Comparison

Blue Pebble Ltd IPO lacks peer comparison in India due to its unique business line, making industry comparison unfeasible


Blue Pebble Ltd IPO aims to invest INR 4.93cr in new machinery for printing and design expansion, allocate INR 6.55cr for working capital, and use the rest for general corporate objectives.

Risks And Challenges

Risks for the company include evolving customer preferences, which can impact business, and competition from domestic rivals affecting financial performance.

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