Brisk Technovision IPO

Brisk Technovision IPO

Brisk Technovision's IPO offers 8 lakh existing shares, providing liquidity to shareholders. No proceeds to the company; aims to enhance brand image.

Important Dates

IPO Date: Jan 23 to Jan 25, 2024 IPO Listing Date: Jan 31, 2024 IPO Price: INR 156 IPO Lot Size: 800 shares IPO Total Issue Size: INR 12.48 crore

Fundamental Analysis

Brisk Technovision's IPO signals revenue growth until 2022, followed by a decline in 2023. Investors, conduct due diligence before considering investment.

Peer Comparison

Brisk Technovision lacks comparable listed firms in its industry, hindering accounting ratio comparisons. No industry benchmarks available for analysis.


Brisk Technovision's IPO is an offer for sale, offering no funds to the company. Aiming for listing benefits, enhancing visibility, and brand image without financial gains.

Risks And Challenges

Brisk Technovision IPO risks include a 40% promoter dilution, affecting equity and expansion. Challenges: Maharashtra reliance, customer concentration, and no long-term contracts.

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