BTST Trading

BTST stands for Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow. It's a short-term trading method where traders profit from swift stock price changes.

What is BTST Trading

BTST Strategies

Having a good grasp of technical analysis is essential for successful BTST trading.

Important factors to consider include observing price breakouts on candlestick charts, entering the market before major events, choosing stocks with high liquidity, and establishing stop loss and target prices.

BTST Advantages

- If you're not comfortable with the risk involved in intraday trading, BTST offers the advantage of having an additional two days to capitalize on price momentum.

- Plus, you avoid demat debit transactions as the trade hasn't been delivered yet.

BTST Disadvantages

-Stock market's dynamic nature triggers rapid reactions to post-closing events, causing certain losses.

-Blocked funds from margins can cause missed trade opportunities.

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