Depository Participant Charges

DP charges are fees for the dematerialization/ rematerialization of shares. Investors pay when selling stocks from Demat accounts. Charged per transaction.

How To Calculate DP Charges?

To calculate DP charges, Add the DP charge per transaction to GST. Example: Alice Blue charges ₹15 + 18% GST, totaling ₹17.70 per transaction  (per scrip).

DP Transaction Charges – Alice Blue

Alice Blue charges ₹15 + GST per sell transaction, covering both their fees and CDSL charges. This fee applies per scrip sold in a day.

DP Charges For Intraday Trading

DP charges apply exclusively to stocks sold from Demat accounts, including instances where stocks are bought today and sold tomorrow. However, DP charges are not applicable to intraday trades.

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