Depository Participant

Depository Participant Means

A DP is a Trusted Guide in the World of Securities, be it a bank, broker, or financial wizard, making your transactions seamless!

Who Is A Depository Participant?

A SEBI-authorized depository participant acts as the financial intermediary, akin to banks and brokerages.

Depository Vs DP

Depository: A central facility holding securities electronically for investors.


DP: Authorized entity providing depository services to investors.

Depository Vs DP

Depository: Safekeeping, settlement, and transfer of securities.


DP: Account opening, dematerialization, and transaction services.

Depository Vs DP

Depository: Holds securities on behalf of the investors.

Ownership of Securities

DP: Investors retain ownership of the securities held in their accounts.

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