Footwear Stocks In India

Liberty Shoes, a leading leather footwear manufacturer, has grown from a small unit to manufacturing 50,000 pairs daily and aiming for 1,000 showrooms.

Market Cap  409.30 Cr

1 Y Return 69.93 %

Close Price 240.20

Liberty Shoes Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 04, 2023.

Phoenix International Limited, incorporated in 1987, has grown into a public limited company in 1988, operating in various sectors including oil, gas, footwear, commodity trading, real estate, and outsourcing

Market Cap  41.22 Cr

1 Y Return 12.61 %

Close Price 24.55

Phoenix  International Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 04, 2023.

Metro Brands Ltd, a 1955 Indian footwear and accessories retailer, operates on an  asset-light model, focusing on e-commerce and warehouse management.

Market Cap  ₹ 25,447.91 Cr

1 Y Return 52.15 %

Close Price 936.50

Metro Brands Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 04, 2023.

Sreeleathers Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, selling and marketing different kinds of footwear, leather goods and accessories to men, women and kids.

Market Cap  451.06 Cr

1 Y Return 21.75 %

Close Price 194.80

Sreeleathers Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 04, 2023.

Khadim India Ltd, a popular footwear brand since the 1960s, has expanded into a manufacturing and retailing corporate house with 799 outlets in 23 states and 1 union territory in India.

Market Cap  402.16 Cr

1 Y Return 20.32 %

Close Price 223.80

Khadim India Ltd

*1 Year Return as of July 04, 2023.

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