Ganesh Green Bharat IPO

Ganesh Green Bharat Limited launches IPO: 65,91,000 shares worth INR 125.23 cr to repay borrowings, fund capital expenditure, meet working capital needs, and general purposes.

Important Details

Open Date : July 5, 2024  Close Date : July 9, 2024 Allotment Date: July 10, 2024 Listing Date: July 12, 2024

Important Details

IPO Price: INR 181-190 per share Lot Size: 600 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 125.23 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Ganesh Green Bharat IPO analysis shows mixed performance: 1. Revenue decreased in 2023, surged in 2024. 2. Equity grew,Profitability & EPS improved. 3. RoNW increased,Assets rose. 4. Liquidity strengthened,Inventory turnover decreased.

Peer Comparison

Ganesh Green Bharat Ltd: Vital revenue, EPS, & RoNW metrics. Solex Energy Ltd: High revenue & profitability. Waaree Renewable Technologies Ltd: Significant revenue & profitability metrics. Zodiac Energy Ltd: Solid performance indicators.


Ganesh Green Bharat IPO main objective: 1. Repay outstanding borrowings. 2. Fund capital expenditure for plant and machinery. 3. Meet working capital requirements.

Risks And Challenges

Ganesh Green Bharat IPO risks: 1. Reliance on government projects. 2. Risk of budget cuts & policy changes. 3. Bidding criteria challenges. 4. Project delays & litigation risks. 5. Skilled employee loss impacting quality & growth.