Gopal Snacks Limited IPO

Gopal Snacks IPO Offers for sale of 1.60 crore shares worth INR 650 cr. No proceeds for the company. Aims for stock exchange listing to boost brand and reap lasting benefits.

Important Details

Date: Mar 6 to Mar 11, 2024 Listing Date: Mar 14, 2024 Price: INR 381-401 per share Lot Size: 37 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 650 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Gopal Snacks' IPO reveals robust financials, consistent revenue growth, remarkable profit increases, and enhanced health. A strong investment prospect in the F&B sector.

Peer Comparison

Gopal Snacks IPO's Revenue ₹13,946.53M, RoNW 38.63%, highlights profitability and efficiency compared to peers. The undisclosed P/E signals strong growth potential.


Gopal Snacks' IPO aims to enhance brand reputation and gain listing benefits; no funds were received from the offer. The focus is on brand visibility and market presence.

Risks And Challenges

Gopal Snacks' IPO risks 59% of revenue from Gathiya and Namkeen; adapting to preferences is crucial. Contamination and notices pose operational and financial threats.

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