GSM Foils Ltd is launching an IPO with 34,40,000 shares worth INR 11.01 cr to fund machinery purchases, working capital, & general corporate purposes for growth.

Important Details

Open Date : May 24, 2024 Close Date :  May 28, 2024 Allotment Date: May 29, 2024 Listing Date: May 31, 2024

Important Details

IPO Price: INR 32 per share Lot Size: 4000 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 11.01 crores

Fundamental Analysis

GSM Foils financial analysis shows mixed performance 1. GSM Foils revenue decreased, liabilities rose. 2. Profitability and EPS improved, RoNW increased. 3. Total assets grew despite a weakening current ratio & liquidity challenges.

Peer Comparison

GSM Foils: Solid financial ratios, strong profitability. Synthiko Foils: Excels in asset management efficiency. MMP Industries: Leads in economic health and key performance indicators, robust financial strength.


GSM Foils  main objective 1. Fund capital expenditure for plant and machinery. 2. Support working capital requirements. 3. Ensure operational efficiency. 4. Achieve sustained growth.

Risks And Challenges

GSM Foils Ltd risk : 1. Litigation financial implications. 2. Operational disruptions from equipment failures. 3. Risk of accidents & Regulatory issues. 4. Susceptibility to external factors affecting manufacturing & economic performance.