Who Is A Sub Broker?

A sub-broker acts as an intermediary between a stock brokerage firm and clients, facilitating stock trades under a licensed brokerage and earning commissions for their services.

How To Become A Sub Broker In India?

To become a sub-broker in India, register with SEBI, obtain NISM certifications, affiliate with a brokerage, and comply with regulatory requirements set by SEBI.

Benefits Of Being A Sub Broker

Benefits of being a sub-broker are earning potential, client network building, brokerage support, continuous learning, flexibility, regulatory compliance & credibility.

Broker Vs Sub Broker

Exchange Membership

A Broker is a direct member of stock exchanges while a Sub Broker is not a member; but operates under a broker.

Broker Vs Sub Broker

Trading Execution

A Broker can execute trades directly on the exchange whereas a Sub Broker assists in trading decisions but relies on a broker for execution.

Broker Vs Sub Broker


A Broker requires a comprehensive license from regulatory bodies like SEBI while a Sub Broker requires registration with SEBI, but under the broker’s license.

Broker Vs Sub Broker

Client Interaction

A Broker interacts directly with the clients, offering a wide range of services whereas a Sub Broker focuses on building client relationships and offering personalized advice.

Qualifications To Become A Sub-Broker

To become a sub-broker you need a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, NISM certification, SEBI registration, and brokerage affiliation.

Role & Responsibilities Of A Sub Broker

Sub-broker roles are client portfolio management, investment advice, trade facilitation, client relations, and ensuring compliance with market regulations.

Why Become A Sub-broker With Alice Blue?

If you become a sub-broker with Alice Blue you get access to innovative platforms, competitive rates, diverse products, support, & efficient client management.

Deposit Requirements

Initial deposit for sub-brokers varies by brokerage. Some require it for security or investment, others may not. It’s important to check specific policies with the brokerage.

What Is The Profit-sharing Of Sub-brokers?

Sub-brokers' profit-sharing varies by firm. Generally, sub-brokers receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the clients they manage.