What Is Commodity Trading?

Commodity trading involves buying and selling physical assets like gold, oil, and agricultural products. Traders aim to profit in this market from price fluctuations.

Opening a Commodity Trading Account

Choose a reputable broker like Alice Blue, register online, provide necessary info, complete KYC with documents, and deposit funds after approval to start trading.

Commodity Account Opening Charges

Alice Blue charges ₹0 for opening a commodity trading account.

Commodity Acc Opening Form

The acc opening form is a doc that captures personal & financial details for setting up your trading account. Ensure to fill out the form accurately for smooth operations.

Functions Of Commodity Market

Commodity market functions include price discovery via supply and demand, risk management through futures, and investment opportunities for profit and diversification.

How Commodity Trading Works?

Commodity trading involves buying/selling raw products like gold and agricultural goods. It can be physical or through derivative contracts like futures.