Indegene Limited IPO

Indegene Ltd plans an IPO worth INR 1,841.76 cr; INR 760 cr fresh shares, selling 1,081.76 cr shares. Aimed to manage debt, finance projects & growth.

Important Details

Open Date : May 6, 2024 Close Date : May 8, 2024 Allotment Date: May 9, 2024 Listing Date : May 13, 2024

Important Details

IPO Price: INR 430-452 per  share Lot Size: 33 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 1,841.76 cr

Fundamental Analysis

1. Indegene's financial analysis shows initial revenue surge followed by decline. 2. Concerns include declining EPS, RoNW, and current ratio. 3. Equity and assets exhibited growth, but these factors raise concerns for potential IPO investors.

Peer Comparison

1. Indegene Limited lacks industry comparisons. 2. No comparable companies globally or in India. 3. Absence of similar sized firms with a similar business model.


1. Indegene Ltd main objective is managing ILSL Holdings debts. 2. It also funds capital expenditures for itself & subsidiary, Indegene, Inc. 3. Ensures financial stability & growth through these actions.

Risks And Challenges

1. Indegene Ltd risk dependency on industry growth. 2. Client revenue affects R&D spending & Reliance on key client relationships. 3. Complexities in revenue models. & Industry dynamics contribute to risk.