Juniper Hotels Limited IPO

Juniper Hotels' IPO of INR 1800 crores funds loan repayments (CHPL, CHHPL acquisitions) and general corporate use, ensuring financial strength.

Important Details

Date: Feb 21 to Feb 23, 2024 Listing Date: Feb 28, 2024 Price: INR 342-360 per share Lot Size: 40 Shares Total Issue Size: INR 1800 crores

Fundamental Analysis

Juniper Hotels' IPO shows revenue growth but faces profitability and liquidity challenges, posing high-risk investments requiring careful consideration for long-term viability.

Peer Comparison

Juniper Hotels contrasts with peers (Chalet Hotels, Lemon Tree, Indian Hotels, EIH) with negative EPS and RoNW, highlighting financial challenges in hospitality sector.


Juniper Hotels' IPO aims to repay debts (including CHPL, CHHPL acquisitions) with INR 1500 crores. Balance funds for general corporate goals and expansion.

Risks And Challenges

Juniper Hotels faces risks post-acquisition (CHPL, CHHPL), revenue dependence on specific properties, and fixed expenses during demand fluctuations.

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